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24/12, Showing the short film "My Grandma" at Jerusalem Cinematheque

24/12, Showing the short film "My Grandma" at Jerusalem Cinematheque.

The film starts at 16:00.

A selection of films from the students of the school of visual theater from the last few years

Curator: Miryam Rangini Cohen

The School of Visual Theatre in Jerusalem promotes an interdisciplinary artistic approach, providing an alternative to conventional conceptions of art. Throughout its 30 years of activity, the school has fostered a new generation of artists who have profoundly influenced artistic practice in Israel.

The school aims to train directors, choreographers, puppeteers, actors, video artists and plastic artists for whom the interdisciplinary, visual expression and connection to performance constitute a worldview. The students are exposed to a multitude of artistic fields with the understanding that meeting a variety of skills enriches their creative language. They acquire practical tools and theoretical knowledge in the fields of performing arts, plastic arts and screen arts (video and animation), while encouraged to independent research and thinking, and to develop a personal, unique and innovative language. During the festival we will present several video and animation works of alumni and students.

The Wings of the Heart Dir.: Leah Silver | 2014 | 20 min. | Hebrew & English, Hebrew subtitles

My Grandma

Dir.: Chihiro Tazuro |2015 | 5 min. | English & Japanese, English subtitles

Still Here

Dir.: Sara Siegel | 2019 | 24 min. | English & Italian, English subtitles

Family, Paper, and Dog

Dir.: Hanani Horovitz | 2014 | 17 min. | Hebrew, English subtitles

Early Attempts

Dir.: Oran Segal | 2019 | 15 min. | Hebrew, Hebrew & English subtitles


Dir.: Nurit Dreamer | 2015 | 3 min. | no text

Following the screening, a conversation with the filmmakers.

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