24/12, Showing the short film "My Grandma" at Jerusalem Cinematheque.

The film starts at 16:00.

A selection of films from the students of the school of visual theater from the last few years

Curator: Miryam Rangini Cohen

The School...

15/12, Performing the theater piece "Gulliver" by Zvi Sahar at Theater Leo Model.

2/1, 201:00 Koi Fish concert in Hahanut Theater.

Detail coming soon..

28/11,"Koi Fish" coming to play in @Hassadna Jerusalem Music Conservatory from 20:30!!!!!

Chihiro Tazuro, Aharon Manor
Wednesday 20.11 | 19:30 - 21:30, 22:00 - 23:30

In front of the radio, Main Building

Gameboy + Ney flute + vocals + computer The Nintendo Gameboy console has four monophonic sound channels, and with an LSDJ cartridge and an old keyboard, it b...

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