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Koi Fish

A experimental music performance band, 2018

Voila, Singing, Piano, Drum set, Guitar, Melodica: Elik Harpaz

Singing, Persian Ney, Piano, Drum set, Melodica: Chihiro Tazuro

Koi Fish, a music performance improvisational group, explores the world of sound from an original perspective. 
Before sounds are associated with some object, the noise itself has yet to be defined. 
Within this window of time from exposure to familiarity lies the fertile ground of creativity and new meaning.
We take in the sounds from this fleeting moment and let it manifest into something new through us.  These improvisational actions, fueled by our extensive backgrounds, allow the band to research sound uninhibited. 

Yellow Submarine Jerusalem,

Koom koom Festival Jerusalem,

Fight Festival Israel,

Mazkeka Jerusalem,

Besarabia Jerusalem,

2020 has been selected by COCA Project 

Mazkeka 1st up.jpg
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