Chihiro Tazuro (1989, Japan) is a Japanese Multimedia Artist currently based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Chihiro spent her formative years in the city of Saitama, Japan. Initially she studied physical education and dancing in college, but felt constricted and unfulfilled. At the time she created several dancing  pieces; this experience heightened her need for artistic expression and outlet, while using the body as raw material.  

At the age of 21 she left Japan in order to see more of the world and encounter new influences.

From there on, Chihiro broadened her spectrum of techniques, opting to create art in various ways, including animation, dance, music, performance and more.  

Chihiro's art pieces are a dialogue between what is seen everyday and what is missed; each of them control her as much as she controls them.


In 2011 she graduated as a B.A in physical education, dance and choreography from the Japan Women's College of Physical Education. While studying there she decided to further pursue her artistic interests, and so, in 2008-2011 she worked as a dancer for the dance company "Resonance" in Tokyo.

In 2012 she attended a dance festival in Israel, piquing her interest in the local art scene. Afterwards, in 2012-2016 she studied at the School of Visual Theater in Jerusalem, "Hazuti", graduating with a B.A in Art. While studying she developed new skills in the areas of film making, animation, music and singing, puppetry, acting, photography, performance and drawing . From then on she started mixing all kinds of medias to express herself in the best way. 

Since 2016 she's been preforming for "Hazira" theater.

In 2016-2019 she is studied at "The Center For Middle Eastern Classical Music" in Jerusalem.   

Persian Singing, Persian flute and Middle Eastern Classical Music (Persian, Arabic, Turkey, Andalusia, Rebetiko, Flamenco, Indian classical musics) were her area of expertise.

At Amsterdam's 2018 "Art in Oost" festival she preformed her physical-sound piece "Over There". 

In the same year, she founded the music band "Koi Fish" with Elik Harpaz. Together they toured different festivals in Israel. 

"Next To me" was Chihiro's exhibition at "Uriel 23" art gallery, located in Tel Aviv, in 2019. It demonstrated her various areas of interest, including video, sculpturing, photography, painting and performance.

2020 her short animation film "A Tasty Fish " was released and it got Wacom prize at Creative Hack Award 2020, Tokyo, Japan. Also has been selected as a Finalist in Huntington Beach Cultural Cinema Showcase​ and more many Festivals.

Multimedia Artist:

Video artist, Animator, Singer, Musician, Performer, Dancer, Actress, Photographer, Cinematographer, Editor.