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A Tasty Fish

 Short animation film, 7:38 min, 2020

Animation, Story writer, Director, Character Design, Editor: Chihiro Tazuro



Critics' Award: ugia Film Festival - Proiezione e Premiazione Cortometraggi


Huntington Beach Cultural Cinema Showcase

Semi Finalist

Box Short Film Festival

EQAD film festival


 The Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival

Frame Rave Short Animation Festival

360 degrees festival

First-Time Filmmaker Sessions 2020

The Lift-Off Sessions 2020

Art Gallery Q Collective

Best of Latin America Short Film Festival

Yosturim Babait Festival


LIVING TOGETHER AGAIN – Venice Architecture Short Film Festival

Bucheon International Animation Festival


Make Art Not War Teaser Future Film Festival

21st Video Public Forum Online

MOSCA - Cambuquira Short Film Festival

ICONA 2020 Animation Festival

Cine Voyage International Film Festival


16th Anim!Arte

Midwest Sci-Fi Short Film Festival

Lanterna Mágica - International Animation Festival

Volterra Fantasy Film Festival

Fillum International Storical and Short Film Festival

 Davis Feminist Film Festival

Craft Animfest

Bugia Film Festival

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A baby, the firstborn, comes into this world. Though her parents are human, the baby is a fish - and into the lake she is thrown.

Another baby is born.

This little girl knows not of her older sister, but the two will meet, over shared blood and history, and through the future generation.

This is the story of a common occurrence - a stillborn - told in an uncommon way,

and the journey a sister will make to meet her kin.


Director's Statement


“A Tasty Fish” is a stop-motion animated short film, created initially after the memory of my aborted older sister. 

I wanted to make this film because I have always harbored guilt towards my big sister, as she couldn’t be alive but I could. Since childhood I have been carrying this feeling. Despite that, I didn't want to imagine my sister as a scary figure in my head or portray her that way. My wish was to get to know her and spend a nice time with her. Deep down I hoped she supported and loved me. Through the film I hoped to make my wish into a visible thing, as a story I could shape and pour my thoughts, fears and hopes into.


I chose the technique of paper-cut stop-motion animation, because it fits with my childhood memories: when I was a child I played with paper a lot, cutting, pasting and folding origami.

The technique also conveys the blurry nature of old memories. It allows me to reminiscence about the memory of my sister, while using the visual tools to allow the viewer to experience the point of view of a child.


Credit List


Animation, Story writer, Director, Character Design, Editor: Chihiro Tazuro


Actor: Yuli Stein, Yukon Stein


Voice: Chihiro Tazuro, Elik Harpaz



Viola: Elik Harpaz 

Contrabass: Shira Harpaz

Drum set: Adin Peskoff 

Percussion, Ukulele: Inbar Heyman

Composition, Vocal: Chihiro Tazuro


Music mixer: Eliyahu Zehavi


Recording: Yellow Submarine Jerusalem


Background drawing: Nohav Keren


Sound track: Rotem Meyers, Chihiro Tazuro 


Sound Master: Max Gas


Cinematography: Chihiro Tazuro, 

Yonatan Swed 


Costume: Gili Rahat, Reut Shayba


Produce: Adie Catarivas, Roni Golan 


Guide: Orna Levi, Osi Wild, Guy Sherf, Amit Man 


Thanks to: 

Lital Shalit, Tal Avraham, Boaz Beja Gilad, Hallel Maliniak, Batsheva Mandelbaum, 

Yan Ardashnikov, Tomoko Stein, Lia Stein, Ruth-Johanne Andersson, Yael Sady, 

Maya Ben David, Adi Helman, Tal Avraham, Tal Kronkop, Iris Shamshon, Daniel Enoch Melzer, Reinhard Sato, Gilli Shani, Romy Ginsburg, Brit Einstein, Ayal Nahari, Yasmin Stenmetz, Ronen Fridman, Taku Okamoto, Maya Adar Walling, Fika Magarik


Support: The School of Visual Theater


Foundation: Keren Jerusalem 

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